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Exclusive Lunch Menu


Lunch Menu

2 and 3 course menu


Monday to Friday | 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Our 'Exclusive Lunch Menu' is not just a meal, it is a next-level culinary experience with gourmet dishes and premium ingredients, all served with unparalleled service. Designed to exceed your expectations and impress at any business meeting, this menu is perfectly complemented by a specially selected glass of wine, allowing you to relax in the best atmosphere for business lunches in Madrid.

Chambao Madrid Lunch Menu
comida de empresas en madrid

Experience Culinary Excellence

From delicious cuts of meat to vegetarian options, our business lunch at Chambao Madrid offers something for everyone. Perfect for corporate or professional meals, we invite you to explore a menu that fuses technical expertise with the highest quality ingredients.

a visual


Each dish is a work of visual art that reflects the culinary mastery that distinguishes us at our business lunches.

Chambao Madrid

Located in the heart of Madrid, Chambao is the perfect place for business lunches and corporate events. Enjoy a sophisticated atmosphere that mixes elegance with a bohemian touch. We offer a wide selection of high-quality cuts of beef, from Black Angus from Creekstone Farms to the finest national cuts and aged meats. As a Kobe certified restaurant, we ensure the best quality in all our cuts. its restaurants


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